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Dot Net is a software platform designed by Microsoft to create different web applications, web services and dynamic websites. It has customizable interface which can be altered as per specific needs of business.

Cygnet Infotech provides DotNet development services, .NET developers, and offshore .NET application development infrastructure.

Dot Net incorporates varied tools and libraries which help developers to develop, use, deploy and manage varied applications in easy and quick manner. The applications developed on Dot Net framework has an ability to run on multiple web services and array of networks. Moreover, these applications have better quality, capability and security and this is why Dot Net is also a favorable framework for end-users. 

With this, there are several other reasons why .Net is the most preferred framework in application development. These are as follows:

  • Dot Net runs the applications on virtual environment which discards the problems faced due to hardware and language incompatibility. Due to this feature, it supports varied languages which allows developers to use any programming language to create applications on Dot Net framework
  • Dot Net includes largest set of classes which can be used for developing any application. Thus a code written for website can also be used for mobile devices and desktop applications
  • It is based on Object Oriented Architecture which treats every code or tag as an object. This gives better control and convenience to access different functions which eases the task of attaching properties, getting or recovering information and generating responses for events that take place when the functions are executed
  • .Net framework also provides variety of powerful server controls that facilitate developers to hide or display content on webpage as per the requirements
  • The destroying and restarting function in Dot net protects websites from memory leaks and infinite loops
  • Dot Net uses caching services, native optimization and early binding which provides better performance and flexibility to web pages
  • The features like WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing, drag and drop server controls and automatic deployment make it more easy for developers to develop applications using Dot Net platform
  • Dot Net also allows developers to avail support from various directories and authentication services. This instills better productivity and flexibility in developing applications

All the above mentioned reasons certainly depict the advantages and utility of Dot Net framework which is why it is the most favorable and preferred choice for application development. Whether there is a need to develop a website or built a business specific application, Dot Net turns out to be the most satisfactory and result-oriented framework.