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Silverlight is a technology developed by Microsoft that incorporates similar functionality as that in Adobe Flash. It is a free plug-in powered by .Net framework and is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. It is packed with 60+ out of the box and customizable controls that help integrate graphics, multimedia, animation, and interactivity in one run time environment. Silverlight also allows developers to apply content to 3D plane without writing additional codes. Thus it is one of the advance framework for developers to create web and mobile applications.

Cygnet Infotech provides Silverlight Development and Silverlight Programming services to its client globally. We have highly experienced Silverlight development and designing team for creating rich internet applications.

Even for developing Rich Internet Applications, Silverlight proves to be a better option since it is delivered on XAML. The advantage of using XAML is that, it is easier for search engines to find and scan XAML than applications compiled in Adobe Flash. Moreover, with the use of Silverlight, developers get controls and power to customize applications which infuse better interactivity and user experience.

The developers who are contemplating on whether to use Silverlight or not, here’s a quick guide which will help you firm up with the decision of using Silverlight for developing Rich Internet Applications.

Creation of User Interface: Microsoft Silverlight allows developers to create User Interface with the help of Extensible Markup language which can run from any location using a browser and has functionality similar to that of desktop applications. It works by creating a rich UI library with superior graphics which gets embedded with the application and supports JavaScript, multimedia and .Net framework. This results in generating more vivid and dynamic applications.

Projects Sharing: Silverlight projects can be shared in Visual Studio which is linked with WYSIWYG, a designer tool. This helps developers to define projects and helps designers to create the user interface of the project using WYSIWYG page designer.

Cross-browser Plugins: The cross-browser plugins of Silverlight enables developers to work with the applications regardless of browsers and operating systems.

Better Co-ordination: Since Silverlight has cross-browsers support and also supports asynchronous calls along with facility of sharing projects, it instills better coordination of the complete application development cycle.

Wide Technology Support: Silverlight is compatible with PHP and Linux and also supports third party languages like Python, ECMAScript and Ruby which helps in streaming videos more faster with better quality.

Above all these flexibilities, Silverlight reduces the development, testing and maintenance required in the successful delivery of the application. Unlike other applications which are developed in JavaScript or Ajax, Silverlight provides better consistency and reduces the overall development time. Thus users and developers can benefit a lot by employing Silverlight for developing rich internet applications as well as other applications.